I'm a software engineer specializing in front end web development. Building cool things on the web has been an undying passion of mine for the last 20 years.

I strive to build elegantly designed solutions while never losing sight of user experience or business goals. To acheive this, I keep up to date with the latest techniques and trends in web development and design.

Strict adherence to software development best practices allows me to push the boundaries of web technology while still delivering at the speed of business.

I've worked on numerous web applications in full stack, as well as dedicated front end, engineering roles. Some of the web applications I've built over the years include:

  • Online knowledge base for GoldMine Software
  • Accounting and reconcilliation systems for GMAC Residential Captial Group
  • Youth team sports registration system for the Active Network
  • Automotive diagnostic and repair information systems for Mitchell 1
  • Online textbook reader for BridgePoint Education
  • Time share management software for ResortCom
  • Identity theft protection service for CSA Travel Protection.

Today, I work as a staff Lead Software Engineer for Fairway Technologies in La Jolla, CA. I provide best in class software solutions to Fairway's clients utilizing all sorts of different technologies and programming languages. More than anything though, I love building UI's and well architected front end applications in JavaScript, my favorite language.

I am currently VERY happily employed and am not seeking new positions at this time.